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"Everything rises and falls on leadership" (John Maxwell)

Our Mentorship Program Includes:

1. Learning how to build strong teams around you and where to position talent.

2. Learning to have hard conversations and understanding the difference between tension and conflict.

3. How to implement a financial road map, dashboard and KPI report to remain on target.

4. How to manage your operational capacity and cost ratios.

5. Setting company objectives and how to communicate these to all stakeholders.

6. How to keep improving your skills and level of thinking, increasing your perspective.

7. Getting clarity and focus on your total addressable market and the message and content that will build your brand.

8. How to keep building relationships with key customers and where your sales will be generated.

"There is wisdom in the counsel of many" (Bible)

Our Mentors have walked the path and are both hands-on entrepreneurs that have grown companies through good and bad times. Check out their Linkedin profiles on the about us page.

Our Focus:

1. Organizational Structure / Finance / Corporate Governance:

1.1 Determine your legal business structure.

1.2 Build an organogram around functions.

1.3 Structure and define the roles of key staff.

1.4 Ensure that your business is financially healthy and can sustain your overheads into the future.

1.5 Devise policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.

2. Advertising / Marketing / Sales

2.1 Clarity and focus on how to sell your product and service by attracting inbound clients using automated platforms.

2.2 Build paid media campaigns and manage content themes that will educate and entertain your target customer.

2.3 Manage analytics and get insights from all the data.

2.4 Understand the size of your market, competition and where to allocate marketing budgets.

2.5 Work with your sales team and get closer to your customer to know what's converting and what will grow your revenue.

"Speak life and learn to take authority in this commercial world"

"Learn how to make and protect the company margins with clear strategies that will build the business into a cash positive asset."

To constantly grow revenue is one of the most creative tasks in this competitive world. A leader cannot do this alone.

Only with great insights and understanding of their product and market, including mentors that have track records of overcoming obstacles, can a leader master all the skills necessary to keep going and grind through the hard times.

With the mindset of abundance, we believe these strategies are possible, we are motivated to share our past commercial experiences with business leaders that have vision and expectations for a great future where we can help others and make the world a better place.

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