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Accurate financials on time, would make all the difference!

With structure comes clarity and growth, all leaders need to know their numbers and get accurate reports, which are the basis for making great decisions.

Implement a Daily Dashboard Indicator to assist management in tracking the financial and operational performance ensuring that corrective action is taken timeously.

With templates and years of experience, our team can identify the gaps in your administration and make sure you have the support you need on time.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Know your accounting fees – Pay a Fixed monthly retainer fee
  • Free up your valuable time – allowing you time to focus on your core business
  • Know your numbers - Support you with accurate, timeous reports
  • Help you to sleep better at night - Keep you compliant with CIPC and SARS

How we support you:

1. Accounting:

1.1 SAGE One accounting software is used.

1.2 Process daily transactions, e.g. debtors, creditors, banks, etc.

1.3 Reconcile Sales and Cost of Sales accounts - monthly.

1.4 Reconcile all Balance Sheet control accounts – monthly.

1.5 Comply with SARS statutory requirement.

1.6 Submit VAT reconciliations and payments.

1.7 Prepare, obtain client sign-off and submit AFS. 

2. Payroll:

 2.1 SAGE Payroll is used – integrated into the accounting package.

2.2 Process all staff related earnings and deductions.

2.3 Provide payslips – monthly.

2.4 Comply with SARS statutory requirements, by submitting the required PAYE/UIF/SDL reconciliations and payments.

3. Reporting:

 3.1 Provide you with an Executive Management Report with regards to the overall performance of the business – MTD and YTD.

4. Budget and Forecast:

4.1 Assist and support with the annual budgeting process.

5. Further services and/or advice provided with regards to:

5.1 Investments.

5.2 Capital requirements.

5.3 Cash Flow Management.

5.4 Streamlining/restructuring

5.5 Policies and procedures.

5.6 CIPC – ensure that the annual fee is paid and submit AFS, accordingly.

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